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Umami is the buzz-word in many restaurant reviews; however, you will not find many links to restaurant reviews on this page.  Umami features in many other news items about food and the links endeavour to bring you a glimpse of what is being said about umami in the Australian press and broadcasting linking to their online services.

18 October 2018 Health Benefits of Umami, including sodium reduction - Addressed at the world Umami Forum PDF


28 February 2017 AFRWEEKEND So much more to umami than taste


24 November 2015 Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)

28 May 2015 Why You Crave Tomato Juice On An Aeroplane

27 May 2015 Make mine tomato juice: taste preferences in noisy places like jetliners


15 August 2014 ACU International Blog The truth about vegemite. PDF

29 April 2014 The Daily Telegraph James Durston reports on "Airplane noise and the taste of umami." PDF

25 February 2014 Larissa Dubecki reports on umami and natural ingredients


8 June 2010 ABC Radio Australia News - Adam Connors reports on the "edge" that Japanese cuisine over other national cuisines due to the unfair advantage of umami. Read about it on the ABC website- or listen to Adam interview Japanese Chef Murata Yoshishiro.

2 May 2010 The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times, Yahoo 7 News, NineMSN, Sky News & BigPond News – Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal is taking on food in British hospitals and nursing homes to improve the nutrition of elderly patients.  What will he use? Umami of course! 

3 March 2010 – Courier Mail – Matt Preston tells us that umami is not the “new” Asian taste, but has been with us for a long time and a part of the Australian diet in tomato sauce in is article How to make tomato sauce, which includes a recipe.

2 March 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald – Lissa Christopher reports chef Cole Thomas of Culinetic which became the catering contractor for Royal Institution of Australia. For the launch Thomas devised the “umami burger” to accompany a talk by Dr Prescott, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Newcastle, on Mood Food (choose the video Mood food 2, please note the video may take a while to load).


28 November 2009, The Australian – Simon Thomsen reports on Stuart Halliday, somellier at Tetsuya’s in Sydney, who suggests matching Sake with foods rich in umami in Complements to the chef.

20 October 2009, The Canberra Times, Scott Bolles describes a dish where Chef Alvin Leung, guest at the World Chef Showcase in Sydney, substituted Vegemite for soy sauce in recipes.  Although not mentioned in the article vegemite like soy sauce is rich in umami.

12 October 2009, Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Hawkins reports on the Japan day of the World Chef Showcase in Sydney.

18 November 2009, The Advertiser reports on Adelaide’s Chef of the year, Johnny Triscari of Chloe’s Restaurant in Kent Town.  The report includes mention of the “mature umami flavours” of dishes at Chloe’s.

18 August 2009, The Sydney Morning Herald – Simon Thomsen reports on wine enhancing umami in Matching wine with food.

11 August 2009, The Sydney Morning Herald – Olivia Riordan reports on wakame, fresh seaweed now appearing in Sydney Restaurants. Wakame adds umami to food.

9 June 2009, The Sydney Morning Herald – Richard Cornish reports on umami in washed-rind cheese in Winners by a nose.

2 June 2009, The Age – Richard Cornish reports on umami in washed-rind cheese in Bless the Brevy.

28 April 2009, The Age – Richard Cornish writes about Vegemite, made by Kraft at a factory in Port Melbourne for the past 86 years, a food sold mainly to Australians and New Zealanders, but which has also travelled to Tokyo “where umami-mad locals wolf down tiny frozen cubes of Vegemite in modern sushi bars”.


11 March 2008, The Sydney Morning Herald – Olivia Chavassieu writes that bamboo shoots are the obvious choice for umami in It’s crunch time for new bamboo.

10 March 2009, The Age – Richard Cornish mentions umami in tomatoes in Forgotten flavours.

13 November 2008, The Age – Travel writer Matthew Evans describes the “complex, umami-rich broths” in the backstreets of Shanghai in All steamed up.

1 April 2008, The Age – Steven Swanson reports on Umami, the ‘fifth taste’

10 July 2007, The Age – Chef George Biron educates on umami in A word of difference.
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