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Links -
Everything you want to know about umami:
Umami Information Centre
A few links to food festivals in Australia where you might learn some more about umami and get to taste it too:
Crave Sydney
Fine Food Expo
Good Food and Wine Show
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
Sydney International Food Festival
Taste Festivals Australia
Tasting Australia
Other interesting links:
Royal Institution of Australia:  Dr John Prescott, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Newcastle talks about umami in Adelaide at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) in February 2010.  Follow the link and choose Mood Food 2 to hear about umami.  Dr Prescott has a long history of research into taste and flavour and tells the history and nature of umami and in terms we can all understand. (Please be patient – the video can take a while to load.)  Lissa Christopher also reports on chef Cole Thomas of Culinetic which is the catering contractor for RiAus, and devised the “umami burger” to accompany Dr Prescott’s talk about Mood Food. (The Age, 2 March 2010)
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